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Professional IT Solutions for the Stone Industry and worktop fabricators

StonePro is the complete IT solution capable of managing the entire process, from customer and order management to design and production. Features also include purchase control, inventory management and tools created with your business in mind.

Our software is also the perfect platform to help you create different documents and assign tasks, plan shipments, production and much more! For a full list of features, read on or book a demo to see what StonePro can do for you.

Others call you “customer”. We call you “our partner”.

That is why at StonePro, every project is born and developed from a close cooperation between our company and our partners, in which the respective experiences are combined for a single goal. 


Office Management

Customers and contact management
No business grows without its customer base. StonePro helps you manage your customers and leads.

Price list calculation and sale price management
Easily and simply manage your quotes and pricing in one place, as well as quoting alternative materials.

Order Management
Track the lifecycle of your projects, from estimates to invoices, live order statuses and the ability to transfer to accounting.

You can customize your office management by changing your printouts layout, assign specific product and material names including different price list for each customer. Customization allows StonePro to become a bespoke solution that is a perfect fit for your business.

Easy document creation
One-click function to create different documents

Due dates and tasks
Keep your team on track and our project on time with StonePro’s scheduling functionality.

Automatic E-mails
StonePro allows you to email all your documents directly from your computer automatically including the original PDF and personalized message.

Gain clarity on your business with reports and statistics.

Material allocation
StonePro allows you to allocate materials to orders so you can manage stock and orders from the get-go (Combined with the Purchase & Inventory Module)

CAD & Design

Support for all standard CAD functions
StonePro supports major CAD solutions with an easy-to-use menu to support non-professional staff in creating designs for your customers

Parametric shapes and library for edge profiles
Change the shape, geometry and values alongside a customized range of edge profiles.

Bespoke cutouts library
Utilize the flexible and customizable library of cutouts to streamline your designs. As well as macro-functions for holes, grooves, recess drainers and more..

Automatic functions
Automatically generate buildups from 2D designs.

Semi-automatic dimensioning
Determine dimensional information for objects with semi-automatic dimensioning.

XML, CAM and DXF file generation
Import DXF files and automatically generate DXF files for output and communication to your CAM software.

Purchase & Inventory Management

Supplier list
Management of all your supplier in one place, including invoices tracking.

Set up purchases
StonePro allows you to set purchase prices and purchase conditions.

Cost calculation
StonePro consents you to compare sales price and material and fabrication cost and to check your margin for each order (Combined with the Office Module)

Manage purchases
Create price enquiries, purchase orders and manage status control for each purchase order item.

Warehouse inventory management
Receive, track, audit and manage warehouse inventory

Material and stock management
Reserve materials for sales, production and site transfer. Automatically replenish stock.

Mobile device integration
StonePro Purchase & Inventory can be completed with the additional Mobile Device Integration which allows you to read slab barcodes, assign slab to different location, receiving materials while you are working in your warehouse.

Other features
Visualize slab pictures combined with selected external software.

Production Control

Bespoke work routes
Set up automatic work routes based on products and materials with various graphic views to visualise your process.

Capacity and job queue
StonePro allows you to plan capacities and view job queues per day

Virtual factory visualisation
Get a view of your factory with virtual factory visualisation and integration of automatic storage.

Reports and data
Data collection terminals and advanced statistic reports across factory management

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